The Admission seeker should submit the following documents to the MSE Admission Commission via https://webanketa.msu.ru:

  • Аpplication, to be completed on-line in https://webanketa.msu.ruInstruction on how to complete the on-ine application form in Chinese can be downloaded here.
  • Passport page with personal information + Notary certified translation of the passport into Russian; 

Please pay attention, 1. you need to complete the form in Russian and you need to complete your name as it is in your passport translation; 2. translation of your name in your passport should match with the translation of your name in your Diploma(s) and Diploma Supplements. 

  • Diploma(s) together with Diploma Supplement scan;
  • In case if the Diploma was issued in a foreign country the applicant should follow the rules of legalization. After legalization of the documents with Apostille or Consulate stamp the applicant should apply for the Notary verified translation of passport, Diploma and Diploma supplement into Russian language. The transltion of teh relevant documents should be apploaded into the system;
  • In case if you did not receive your Diploma and Diploma supplement yet, but you expect to receive within next two month, you can present a certificate, issued by the Study Department of your University on the letterhead with the stamp, stating the date of your Diploma award and confirming that you have completed the relevant program requirements; 
  • Relevant certificates (including GMAT/GRE/ TOEFL and etc);
  • A copy of the SNILS and Military Service book ( for Russian citizens);
  • 2 photos of passport type (size 3 sm x 4 sm);
  • CV (in English);
  • Motivation letter (in English).

Motivation letter should describe the achievements of the candidate and should reflect the experience, knowledge, dignity, and strengths of the candidate; should answer the questions about why the university should choose the Applicant for admission, which makes him unique among the other candidates; should contain information what motivates a candidate for study in this program, what he wants to achieve in his professional career and how education in the MSc in Global Economics and Finance can help him to achieve his goals.

Documents for Admission are accepted till July 20, 2024.


  • Documents issued in the other countries should be legalized according to the international agreements signed between Russia and the country where the documents were issued.

To learn more about the agreements and the rules for each country please refer to the GlavExpert of the Ministry of Education (http://www.nic.gov.ru/en) or contact to Anush Hakobyan (anush.hakobyan@gmail.com), Deputy Head for the International Programs at the MSE MSU.
The Admissions Commission announces the list of candidates recommended for admission to the Master’s program based on the results of the competitive selection in two groups.

Admissions Commission address is office 103, 1 Lenin Hills, building 61, MSE, Lomonosov Moscow State University.

 Tel / WhatsApp: + 7 968 824 56 52.

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