The Moscow School of Economics of the Moscow State University named after MV Lomonosov was established on the initiative of the rector V.A. Sadovnichy in April 2004 with the aim of using the potentials of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Moscow State University in the most complete and effective way to attract the best domestic academic researchers and their foreign colleagues from the world's leading universities to teaching.

The main task of MSE MSU is the preparation of highly qualified specialists combining fundamental knowledge in the field of modern economic science with the ability to competently understand the realities and characteristics of the Russian and international economy, having practical skills in large commercial and international organizations, as well as in federal and regional Structures of an economic profile.

Director of the MSE - Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Alexander D. NEKIPELOV .  

There are four departments in the faculty: general economic theory, econometrics and mathematical methods of economics, financial strategy and social and humanitarian disciplines.

Department of Econometrics and Mathematical Methods of Analysis of Economics is headed by Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia, Doctor of Philological Sciences, Honorary Professor of Moscow State University, Ayvazyan S.A. The department provides a high level of mathematical preparation of students, mastering them econometric methods of analysis, as well as methods of mathematical modeling of the economy. The department employs 1 professor, 3 associate professors, 1 senior teacher, 2 assistants, 14 teachers under the contract.

Department of General Economic Theory is headed by Professor, Doctor of Economics, head of the scientific direction "International Economic and Political studies "of the Institute of Economics of the Russian Academy of Sciences SP Glinkina

The department provides training for students and graduate students in major economic disciplines. On the basis of the department scientific seminars "World economy" and "Macroeconomics" for bachelors, "Regional economy" and "Economics of energy" for the masters are organized.

The Department of Financial Strategy - headed by Professor Kvint VL, Doctor of Economics, foreign member of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Recognized in the world authority in the field of financial and economic strategy. The author of the theory of a global emerging market.

The department trains students in the specialty of "financial economics" with a specialization in financial strategy. In 2011, a postgraduate study in the specialty 08.00.05 was opened.

The chair of social and humanitarian disciplines is headed by professor, doctor of historical sciences Kuvaldin V.B. The task of the department is organization of complex teaching of the cycle of humanitarian disciplines, which are necessary for the preparation of highly qualified specialists in the field of economics. In particular, the department encourages students to acquire practical skills in the analysis of socio-political information and specific situations, the world political, internal political and socio-cultural contexts of economic activity; -development of communication skills (teamwork skills, business negotiations, accounting and use of national / cultural behavior styles in professional activities);

Since the day of the foundation of the MSE, the Board of Trustees has functioned, which in different years was headed by OV Deripaska, LD Reiman and since 2010 NP Tokarev. The Council includes well-known state, public and political figures, as well as representatives of large commercial structures.

The Board of Trustees is providing the MSE with a great help in the implementation of the educational project in the form of gratuitous financial donations, grants to pay tuition to the best students, as well as the formation of the library fund and the modernization of the educational material base of the MSE. Members of the Board of Trustees take an active part in the Day of Open Doors, the day of the faculty, graduation parties, scientific and practical conferences and other events.

Training in the Moscow State University MSE is conducted in the following directions.

Bachelor's program - the basic stage of higher education, focused on obtaining practical knowledge in the direction of training "Economics" (March 38, 01).
Full-time education, in Russian, 4 years

Magistracy - is the second stage of higher education, training professionals with in-depth specialization in the direction of training "Economics" (April 38, 01). Masters are practicing in such large commercial structures as Rosneft, Zarubezhneft, Transneft, as well as in the Administration of the President of the Russian Federation, the Federation Council and the Government of the Russian Federation.

Head of the Master's program, postgraduate and postgraduate programs is the Deputy Director of MSE MSU, Professor of the Department of General Economics, academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences - Polterovich Viktor Meerovich.

Master's programs implemented by the Moscow School of Economics of Moscow State University:

  "Economic theory and the problems of modern Russia"
Training: full-time, 2 years Language of instruction: Russian, with a number of disciplines in English
  "Financial Economics" Training: full-time, 2 years Language of instruction: Russian, with a number of disciplines in English

International English Master's degree

  "International Economics and Finance" Training: full-time, 2 years. The possibility of studying abroad through exchange programs or "two diplomas". Language of instruction: in English"
  Economics and Finance, joint training program with the University of Primorsk, Slovenia, Koper Training: full-time, 2 years; The first year in the town of Koper, Slovenia, the second year at MSE Moscow State University. Language of instruction: in English

Graduates of MSE Moscow State University receive diplomas of state design about the graduation from the Moscow State University. M.V. Lomonosov with the degree "Bachelor of Economics" and "Master of Economics", specialization - according to the training program. Training in the MSE is paid. The best students of all courses are given grants for training.

Fellowship is the third stage of higher education and is aimed at training highly qualified personnel in programs for the training of scientific and pedagogical staff in postgraduate study in the field of preparation "Economics" (June 38, 01). Postgraduate training is conducted in the following areas:

1. "Economic theory" (08.00.01) (Entrance exam program) (Passport of the specialty according to VAK)

2. "Mathematical and Instrumental Methods of Economics" (08.00.13) (Entrance exam program) (Passport of the specialty according to VAK)

3. "Economics and management of the national economy" (08.00.05) (Entrance exam program) (From the passport of the specialty according to VAK)

4. «World Economy» (08.00.14) (Exam program) (Passport of the specialty according to VAK)

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