Students of the English-language Master’s program “Global Economics and Finance” took part in the First EU-Russia student conference “Breaking Down Barriers”

Qin He & Welter Lennart at EU-Russia ConferenceQin He & Welter Lennart at EU-Russia Conference
Students of the English-language Master's program "Global Economics and Finance"
Qin He (China) and Lennart Welter (Germany)
took part in the First EU-Russia International Student Conference “Breaking down Barriers”, which was held in June in Moscow.

To be elected for the conference participation students had to pass through the competitive selection process, by solving business-cases and working in a team with students from the other Universities.

The purpose of the conference was to unite the young generation through business interests and take the first step towards a renewed cultural and political re- rapprochement.
The Austrian organizations - Strabag SE, Raiffeisen Bank International (RBI), the Central Bank of Austria and the Rail Cargo Group were the major partners and sponsors of the conference. They have suggested to the participants to come up with the solutions to the business challenges the companies were facing.

Lennart Welter’s team has developed its vision of Corporate Development Strategy for Raiffeisen Bank CIB and presented to the Commission consisting of the Chairman of the Central Bank of Russia Elvira Nabiullina, the Chairman of the Central Bank of Austria Evald Novotny and representatives of Raiffeisen Bank CIB. They were awarded a diploma for their outstanding work.

Qin He’s team proposed an “Easy2Loan: B2B Credits Project”, that was devoted to the support of the business to business lending technology.

The panel discussion with the Chairman of the Central Bank of Russia Elvira Nabiullina and the Chairman of the Central Bank of Austria Evald Novotny got the main attention of the participants.

Anush Hakobyan, the Academic Director of the MSc in Global Economics and Finance program noted:
“Participation in international conferences and business-case challenges allow students to understand the real challenges that companies are facing, allow to broaden their horizons and understand that the disciplines they study in the University are up-to-date and are built to meet the employers’ requirements.
Moreover, the international factor of the conferences proves that sanctions and restrictions and mutually harmful for the business development.
Students after participation in such conferences return inspired to study harder to reach a new level in their professional knowledge and skills.”

We wish further success to our students both in their studies and professional career! Photos from the event can be viewed here.

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