In the assembly hall of the 4th building of the Moscow State University

June 27 in the assembly hall of the 4th building of the Moscow State University named after MV Lomonosov. Lomonosov hosted a solemn ceremony of awarding diplomas to graduates of the Bachelor’s and Master’s program at the Moscow State University MSU in 2017. Besides graduates of the Moscow School of Economics, representatives of other faculties of Moscow University, parents and friends, graduates of past years, as well as members of the Public Board of Trustees of the Moscow School of Economics of the Moscow State University came to congratulate the graduates of the Moscow School of Economics:

• А.В. Fomin – Deputy Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation, Lieutenant-General

• E.V. Shchurova – Director of Personnel Management Department of PJSC “Transneft”

• E.A. Nikitina – Director General of the Foundation O.V. Deripaska’s The Free Deed

• В.А. Gusakov – Managing Director for Interaction with the Authorities of the PJSC “Moscow Exchange”, the current state adviser of the Russian Federation of the 3rd class

• А.М. Eroshkin – Senior Vice President of VTB Bank

• D.V. Voronin – Head of the Human Resources Department Gazprombank (OJSC)

• A.Yu. Tolchieva – Deputy Head of Personnel Development Department, PJSC “NK” Rosneft

• S.Yu. Infimovskaya – Director for work with educational and scientific organizations of the Personnel Directorate of Basic Element Company

• О.V. Fodina – Head of educational projects of the Foundation O.V. Deripaska “The Free Deed”

By tradition, the solemn ceremony was opened by the director of MSE MSU, Academician A.D. Nekipelov. Alexander Dmitrievich warmly congratulated the graduates, wished them success in the new, adult life and awarded diplomas.

Of the forty-seven graduates of the Master’s program this year, diplomas with distinction were given to eight people:

• Zuev Ivan Alexandrovich

• Bogdan Evgenievich Kvartenko

• Osokina Maria Ivanovna

• Pulikovskaya Sofia Alekseevna

• Sadovnikova Kristina Vyacheslavovna

• Sashaev Nikita Igorevich

• Tutov Svyatoslav Sergeevich

• Elva Hurva Adlanovna

Out of seventy bachelors, diplomas with distinction were awarded to thirteen graduates:

• Hakobyan Anastasia Rubenovna

• Antonova Tatyana Dmitrievna

• Anufrieva Tatiana Alexandrovna

• Grinchenko Maxim Dmitrievich

• David Karine Melkonovna

• Ibragimova Elbike Abdulaevna

• Kravtsov Alexander O.

• Lydia Yurievna Laura

• Mamed-zade Ainur Abasat gizi

• Mironova Victoria Igorevna

• Revenko Nikita Alexandrovich

• Shvetsova Kristina Dmitrievna

• Yashechkina Valeriya Sergeevna

With kind words and wishes to the graduates, the first deputy director of the Moscow State University, S.V. Shakin. Sergey Vyacheslavovich took part in the presentation of memorable gifts to the graduates.

Graduates of 2017 were warmly congratulated by the deputy director of MSE MSU, academician V.M. Polterovich, who presented graduates of the Master’s degree with certificates on receiving specializations on special courses: “Regional Economy” and “Energy Economics”.

Certificates were awarded to:

Sofya Alekseevne Pulikovskaya (Economics of the Energy Sector)

Elena Failevna Tagirova (Regional Economy and Politics)

Khave Adlanovna Elmurzaeva (Regional Economy and Politics)

Elvina Alfirovna Isargakova (Regional Economy and Politics)

According to tradition, the best indicator of academic achievement for the entire period of study was awarded to a graduate of a bachelor’s degree with a silver badge. This year the badge got: Nikita Alexandrovich Revenko.

The Nikita badge was presented by Elena Vladimirovna Shchurova – Director of the Personnel Management Department of PJSC “Transneft”.

This year, for the first time, two gold badges were awarded to graduates of the magistracy who studied in the following areas: “Economic theory and problems of modern Russia” and “Financial Economics” and recognized as the best in the rating of academic achievement for the entire period of study. Gold Icons

● Ivan Aleksandrovich Zuev (graduate of the magistracy in the field of “Economic theory and the problems of modern Russia”) and

● Nikita Igorevich Sasayev (graduate master in the direction of “Financial Economics”)

Was presented by Alexander Fomin, Deputy Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation, Lieutenant-General.

After a short concert, the second was held – the informal part of the celebration.

Student asset MSE MSU presented statuettes of the “student gold Oscar” graduates of the master’s degree – Sofia Pulikovskaya and Bogdan Kvartenko, recognized winners in the nomination “for the best role of the second plan.”

Then the graduates were warmly congratulated by their instructors mentors:

● Head of the Department of General Economic Theory, Doctor of Economics, Professor S.P. Glinkina

● Associate Professor of the Department of Social and Humanitarian Disciplines, Deputy Head of the Department Ph.D. E.I. Shcherbakova.

Ekaterina Igorevna presented the graduates who helped in the work on the book “History for Economists”, prepared this year by the team of the Department of OGD MSE MSU and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation seven copies of this book with autographed autographs. Books have been received: Bachelor’s graduates:

• Victoria Mironova and

• Karine Davidov,

As well as masters:

• Svyatoslav Tutov,

• Ivan Zuev,

• Oleg Nezimaev,

• Khava Elmurzaeva,

• Nastya Shilova

● Graduates are late

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