International Conference “Russia and China: Towards a New Quality of Bilateral Relations”

On May 29-30, the Third International Conference “Russia and China: Towards a New Quality of Bilateral Relations” was held in Moscow. The plenary session dedicated to the role of humanitarian ties in the system of comprehensive partnership between Russia and China was made by the Rector of the Moscow State University named after MV Lomonosov, the President of the Russian Union of Rectors, Academician V.A. Gardener.

In his report Victor Antonovich told about the history of development of mutual relations of the countries in the field of education and science, since the XVIII century. The starting point for the study of the Russian language in China was 1708, when the “School of the Russian Language at the Palace Chancellery” appeared in the Middle Kingdom, a special institution for the preparation of diplomats, and after more than two centuries, in 1952 Russian began to be taught in 57 Chinese universities. In the second half of the twentieth century, relations became slightly less tight, however, in the 2000s of the new millennium, another rise in scientific and educational cooperation between the countries was outlined. Today, students actively participate in exchange programs, since 2006 the forum of rectors of universities of Russia and China has been held (in July 2016 in Moscow it was the fifth in a row), then the Confucius Institute was opened in Moscow State University. To date, the University of Moscow has signed about 150 agreements on cooperation with universities in China and now about 2000 citizens of China study at our university.

A qualitatively new stage in the relationship will be the start of the work of the Russian-Chinese University of Moscow State University – FDI in Shenzhen. Its key task is the preparation in China, based on the best Russian educational programs, of young specialists needed to implement the economic projects of the two states in the Asia-Pacific region, the development of a dialogue of cultures and mutual understanding of our peoples. In September, the campuses of the new school will begin classes. “This is a landmark event in the life of our countries. I am glad that in our relations we are returning to better times, “V.A. Gardener.

Also, the rector of Moscow State University spoke about the confirmation of the participation of a number of Chinese universities in the Moscow international rating “Three missions of the university.” The first results of the rating will be published in autumn 2017.

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